Greetings! I’m Tanesha B. Forman. The “B” is intentional. My pronouns are she and her. I am a Black, cisgender woman and mother to one energetic toddler. 

I love teaching and learning. I don’t remember when and how I developed this unwavering commitment to education, but I suspect it has a bit to do with my childhood. I come from a pretty large family. I have six brothers and five sisters. I was the first in my family to attend college and am a very proud alum of Florida State University! Post-graduation, I returned to my hometown, where I taught in my community.  My first year was beautifully challenging, but I LIVED and LOVED every single moment. Since then, I have traveled around the country, coaching and learning from teachers. Never one to dodge a challenge; I am focused on “becoming.”

I sincerely believe in self-evaluation as a tool to better understand how my biases are impacting my decisions as an educator. I’ve come to understand and challenge views I’ve held about public education, the purpose of education, and my role in furthering disparities and inequity. I’ve presented at national conferences, but mostly, I’ve worked with my school in rooting out our policies and procedures grounded in racist ideas and practices (it all starts at home, right?).

As an educator and facilitator, I enjoy breaking down complex topics and providing educators with opportunities to learn, reflect, practice, and implement methods that foster equity and anti-racism. I hope that bit-sized experiences and research-proven strategies will keep the work moving forward and inspire teachers to evaluate and shift their practices. I believe in collective action. It’s all about the team. I am honored to have you here! Let’s connect!